Patriotic Pink Lady V Maitau @ 7 yrs - Owned by Lisa & Mike Brien

Ch Maitau's Eye Catcher @ 8 yrs

BISS Ch Maitau's Eye Spy Serendipity, RN @ 8 yrs

Ch Maitau's Never Say Never @ 7 years old

Ch Maitau's Mati Hari V Raseac at 6 years old

Ch Kativa's Infrared of Maitau,Ch Maitau's Taylor Made V Alano, & Ch Maitau's Animated Feature

Indy (7 1/2), Taylor (9 1/2), and Disney (7 1/2) posing for pictures

Now it's nap time!

Ch Maitau's Designated Driver,Maitau's Noisemaker,Ch Maitau's Champagne Aurora,& Ch Maitau Twelve O'Clock Rock

A good day for a parade. Littermates DWI, Max, Freida,and Jazz pictured at age 7 at the 1998 GDCNE Spring Specialty.

Ch Alano's Head Coach at Maitau

"Reflections of Hayden"

Ch Maitau Cosmic Five Star Review

Rave takes a nap !!

Ch Maitau's Top Secret V Wiltor

"Jack in Veterans"

Ch Maitau's Designated Driver

DWI hanging out at home

Maitau's Odin von Fenselar

Odin says no more pictures PLEASE !

BIF Ch Maitau's Never Better, ROM

At 8 years!

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