In The Ring
Maitau's Eye Spy Serendipity,RN
"Tasha" with John in MN
Maitau's Here's Lookin at U Kid
"Bogey" @ 6 months old
Ch Maitau's Never Better
"Bode" @ the nationals
Windy Hill Maitau Cosmic's Envy

"Envy" at 20 months old
BISS Ch Maitau's All Eyes On Sundance
"Roxie" @ the 2005 GDCA Nationals
BISS Ch Maitau's For Your Eyes Only

Logan and Mike in the Top 20
Maitau's Grateful Dane

Drake & Josh in the ring

Ch Maitau's Never Say Never

Penny at the 2001 GDCA Nationals

BISS Ch Maitau's Eye Candy V MJM

Eva & Joel in Idaho

Ch Maitau's Nut 'N' Better

Honey & Mike

Ch Maitau's Eye Spy Serendipity,RN

Tasha & Diane work in the Performance Ring